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In this free, downloadable guide + video series, Dr. Rosane Oliveira shows you a practical way to detect – and avoid – unhealthy ingredients in your food, especially sugar, oil, and salt.

How to Read a Label for Plant-Based Diet & Lifestyle

In this evidence-based guide, you’ll get clarity on…

Why you should forget counting calories and what to focus on instead

Which three areas of the nutrition label you really need to analyze

The two most important ingredients to look for (and avoid) on food labels

Understand Food Labels and Harness the Power of Plant-Based Nutrition

As the founding director of the UC Davis Integrative Medicine Program, Dr. Rosane Oliveira has taught thousands of people across the globe about the power of eating plant-based.

She’s spent the last 25 years researching genetics and nutrition and how the foods we eat affect our body.
Dr. Oliveira understands how the science of losing weight informs plant-based nutrition and wants to bring this knowledge to our community.

We created this free guide to help you align with your lifestyle and weight-loss goals.