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Change Your Life, One Plant-Based Bite at a Time

Get the University-Grade Education, Mentorship, and Accountability You Need to Thrive in Plant-Based Living

University-Grade Teaching
Habit-Forming Challenges
Accountability Groups
Bite-Sized - A plant-based community with Dr. Rosane Oliveira

No matter where you’re at in your plant-based journey…

You eliminate one animal food at the time or you eat plant-based meals a few days a week.
You eliminate all animal foods from your home meals while you may eat them when going out.
You eliminate all animal foods from all your meals. No exceptions.
Same as Seedling, plus you mostly eat whole or minimally processed plant foods at every meal.
Same as Bud, plus you eliminate or greatly reduce added sugars, oils and salt in your meals.

Bite-Sized is a safe, positive place for you to learn about the proven benefits of plant-based nutrition, create (and stick to) healthy habits, and get the consistent support you need to transform your life.

Whether you’re a “Seed,” a “Flower,” or somewhere in between, you’ll find what matters most here is your commitment to becoming the best, most vibrant version of yourself you can be.

Bite-Sized delivers consistent results.

See what our members are reporting!

Weight Loss

“After joining Bite-Sized, my husband has lost 25 pounds and I have lost 15 pounds. We are still losing weight and we are not counting calories…”
—Shelly H

Fewer Medications

“I’ve lost 20+ lbs. I am healthy. My annual bloodwork and checkup checks out that ‘all is good.’ No meds needed.”
—Margaret F

Less Emotional Eating

“I knew I had emotional problems that caused me to eat, I just didn’t know how to fix them. Now I have answers and actions for positive results.”
—Susan H


“Focusing on one habit at a time makes things so much easier… I have broken through my two-year plateau and am headed straight for a healthy weight!”
—Nella A

Less Pain, More Energy

“Physically, I feel more energetic… much less pain from my [chronic] inflammation. Emotionally, I feel pride in my new knowledge & greatly improved habits.”
—Lisa M

Positive Self-Esteem

“73 years old and for the first time in my life I am healthy and keeping 25 lbs off. I feel so good about myself!”
—Carli T

What Dr. Oliveira’s Students Are Saying

Dr. Oliveira has been my favorite plant-based educationalist from the start. Her explanations make sense, but are detailed enough to be truly informative.

Nicollete G.Plant-Based Enthusiast

Rosane puts so much energy into preparing the materials she shares with us - it's really above and beyond what anyone can expect from a class.

Cheryl K.Student

Rosane has "hit those deep emotions" in me and for the first time in my life, I was able to connect the "why" of my eating.

Margaret F.Student

Here’s everything you get with the Bite-Sized membership:

Values based on annual membership

Live Sessions with Dr. Oliveira

Join Dr. Oliveira live each month for 2+ hours of in-depth teaching and coaching on plant-based nutrition and the neuroscience of habit change.

$1,497 Value

Online, On-Demand Curriculum

Enjoy immediate access to Dr. Oliveira’s entire vault of evidence-based classes covering weight loss, SOS, mindset, and the how’s & why’s of plant-based living.

$897 Value

Monthly Challenges

Meet your personal health goals faster by joining any of our 20+ habit-forming challenges. Each challenge provides a positive support group to help you stay on track.

$597 Value

Cooking Tips & Recipes

From fellow Bite-Sized members to professional chefs, you’ll get the advice and ideas you need to prepare delicious, plant-based meals. NEW: Monthly “Ask the Chef” conversations with our community ambassador, Carissa!

$297 Value

Searchable Video Database

Ever wish you could search video content and jump right to the topics and keywords you care about most? Well, now you can! Every video in our library is searchable by keyword (e.g. “coconut oil”).

$497 Value

Positive, Online Community

Conversations are at the heart of the new Bite-Size platform. This is your private, social network — not on Facebook — where you can chat, connect, learn, and grow without fear of judgment or negativity.


Base Membership Value:

Over $3,785/yr

Want even faster results?

Join one of our annual membership plans — Turmeric or Saffron — to unlock substantially more value & support!

Turmeric Plan

  • Everything listed above in base membership  $3,785 Value
  • Full-Day Virtual Retreat with Dr. Oliveira  $597 Value
  • Training Video Transcripts  $497 Value
  • Training Audio Files  $397 Value

Saffron Plan

  • Everything listed in Turmeric plan  $5,276 Value
  • Two Intimate Group Mentoring Sessions with Dr. Oliveira  $1,497 Value
  • Free Tuition Waiver for Dr. Oliveira’s New “Design Your Life” Coaching Program  $1,997 Value

Included! Bonuses to make plant-based living even easier


Reading Food Labels 101

Dr. Oliveira cuts through all the noise surrounding Nutrition Labels so that you know exactly what to look for — and what to avoid — in your food products. Includes convenient, printable cheat sheets for your next grocery shopping trip!
$39 Value

Plant-Based Cooking Workshops

Celebrity Chefs AJ & Chad Sarno show you how to prepare restaurant-quality, delicious plant-based meals. Originally offered in-person, now you can watch and rewind these popular workshops from the comfort of your own kitchen!
$199 Value

21-Day Plant-Based Challenge

Dr. Oliveira takes you on a 21-day journey into preparing and eating amazingly delicious and nutritious plant-based meals. Access premium materials from our most recent (and popular) Challenge.
$99 Value

Meet your guide to transformation, Dr. Rosane Oliveira.

You may have tried a few diet and nutrition programs. But you’ve never had a health advocate quite like Dr. Oliveira.

As the founding director of The UC Davis Integrative Medicine Program, Dr. Oliveira has taught thousands of people across the globe about the power of eating plant-based.

See More

She’s spent the last 25 years researching the relationship between genetics and nutrition and how the foods we eat affect our bodies. Dr. Oliveira is passionate about the science of plant-based nutrition and the implementation of healthful habits that provide real results.

Dr. Oliveira’s equally passionate about your well-being. Many of her students come into the program feeling exhausted by the “DIY, tried everything” approach to healthier living. But in Bite-Sized, they quickly discover just how different — and effective — her approach is for creating long-term, sustainable results.

Here’s what our members want you to know about Bite-Sized…

This is the best money I have spent on my health. Rosane is very supportive and will help with anything I encounter along the way.

Susan HBite-Sized Member

Knowledge is power. [What] you will earn about yourself and about how different foods act in your body is mind-blowing. The process of growth/change takes time as well as a personal commitment of time and money that will bring results!

Lisa M.Bite-Sized Member

If you are willing to follow a road map that is scientifically sound; this is the program for you. It is the slow fast way of gaining permanent meaningful lifestyle changes. The environment is safe, supportive, and friendly and encouraging. Trust yourself. You can do this. Support is here for you.

Margaret F.Bite-Sized Member

You are worth it, go for it!!! I calculated that I saved enough money throughout the year on my new habits to pay for the program and then some. Bite-Sized breaks new learning into manageable chunks to support new habits that will not only get you to your goal but support you in maintaining it for a life time.

Nella A.Bite-Sized Member

Bite-Sized provides the core background you need to achieve Lifestyle change. It will not be a quick fix approach, but the long term results will be maintainable.

Joe J.Bite-Sized Member

It is worth every penny and a lot more. Being a part of the Bite-Sized community, the reinforcement and support is priceless! Nothing in 73 years ever worked in the past! I am thankful! Better late than never!

Carli T.Bite-Sized Member